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35 Songs for 35 Year Olds

by Nich French

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i survived 35 who woulda thought that i would be alive at 35 surprise surprise seemed like forever but the time flew by to 35, my oh my i didn't die, i guess now i'll have to be 35 it's been while now since i did a thing like this i better get caught up on all the songs i missed three hundred and nineteen ballads and hits twelve years of quits i making up for it at 35 surprise surprise who woulda thought that i would be alive at 35 but i survived seemed like forever but the time flew by to 35 my oh my i didn't die i guess i'll have to be 35
Catifornia 00:26
i have cool friends but they all moved to california now i just hang out with my cats
House 00:31
finally living in a house no more drama apartments i got a living compartment of my own and three cats and a fiancé i guess i'm done with living in apartments we need a place with garage and a fenced in yard though we live really far outside of civilization we’re still in this stupid nation
Snowhearts 01:07
shoveling snow made your heart feel sore that's the story that you told later on i learned the truth about your heart and the pieces that were missing that i kept to myself i didn't know enough to know better to know what we were missing to know the things i should have known
Everyday 01:00
everyday, is something, yeah everyday, is something don't you go out swinging in the quicksand don't you wake up singing in the dark cause everyday there's something lurking Some unimaginable thing waiting everyday, is something, yeah everyday, is something everyday, is something worse
Rice Maker 00:52
expensive rice maker gonna make a nice dinner wrap what’s left in triangles take it to work in the morning expensive rice maker gonna make our lives better short grain when, its raining makes it sunny inside
Frog 00:26
you had a frog he lived to 35 he didn't look too healthy but always survived it dodging plecos and a pack pack of cats he never once hopped out or ever even hopped at all i'm very sorry that your froggy died but he lived to be 900 in froggy lives woah
Food is Hard 00:22
food is hard i’ll choose convenience over smarts and feel sad that i can't fit into my clothes
Currents 01:31
current solution current solution seems to fail other solutions other solutions out of my grasp the little intrusions the little intruders on the night the little excuses do little to make up for the time wasted
~tomato sandwiches~
this is a story about two friends who had a falling out while wrestling it started out with a friendly hug then they both got tackled to the ground sudo and lion they’re always fighting even though they are the best of friends sudo and lion the fur was flying but they’ll be best of friends until the next wrestling match
Plants! 00:47
Videogame 00:20
i got invited to a party but its not the same as staying home and paragliding in a videogame i could make new friends with all the people there or unlock some more achievements in my comfy chair
mal’s got 5000 chickens living off the land in a house she’s fixin got married in a national woods they grew a little forrest and i hope they’re all doing good
The Basement 00:23
i will never clean the basement
i just can't stop thinking about things that don't exist all the thoughts and feelings, and conversations that don't exist
~foreboding ramblings~
Bridge Out 00:34
they gone and blew up the bridge now we have to find a way around it just to leave the neighborhood and make our way to work they gone and blew up the bridge that leads to civilization what are we going to do oh wait i guess they fixed it
Midnights 01:23
midnight fades still got a lot of things to accomplish today falling into repetition still got a lot of ground to cover moving in circles looping thoughts are going nowhere all my actions lead me here where i started
Appointments 00:27
i’ll never make those appointments i’ll never make them, oh no no i’ll never make those appointments i’ll never make them, oh no no i’ll never do it
when we’re eating breakfast, there’s one thing we demand we’re turning on the greatest platform gamer in the land i can’t touch my coffee ‘till we carried out our plan we’re watching raocow the platformer man raocow the platformer man he’s jumping over charlies and passing planet cats and stomping dino-rino-lino-binos in the head he’s opening some fan art of all his one-eye’d friends he’s raocow the platformer man we’re fans of raocow the platformer man raocow the platformer man subscribe to raocow: https://www.youtube.com/user/raocow
there is a kelly and she’s pretty nice she’s pretty nice this kelly yeah she’s pretty nice she’s got 100 plants but i don't really mind because the plants are nice yeah all of kelly’s plants are nice though they’re probably gonna take us over at least i’ll be with kelly in our plant enclosure
WYYC 00:44
there hasn’t been a world yoyo contest since 2019 so gentry stein remains the world champion on a technicality i wish i was a world yoyo champion then the world would be mine then i could throw a yo-yo while posing for a photo online just like gentry stein
i haven’t seen chris in a very long time and instead of calling or texting hi i’ll just make a song, about it chris: sorry i'm bad at keeping in touch. we should catch up.
Carl Bunter 00:17
we’re cereal banter and we’re coming to your town were gonna play for all six people there we’re kinda loud so maybe wear earplugs or don’t even come to the show tonight
Hey, Mari 00:37
hey mari teach me all latest card games hey mari tell me all about your dog hey mari give me your worst tunnel dad joke hey mari play me all your old folk songs hey mari thanks for being an actual friend named mari
Saturdays 01:18
uncredited voicemail clip
stop by the whiskey bar in coventry village on saturdays
Clutter 00:40
running round the house cleaning for the only visitor we’re gonna have this year the clutter seems boundless how'd it get to be like this again
tristan is away from his computer probably on his japanese scooter he's a r00tin scootin freebooter i wish he’d log back on so i could send him a roguelike joke
when i'm lost in nerdy board games i can always count on my brother to explain them to me because i get confused
live shows are illegal can't leave your basement, can't leave your bedroom we all gotta get creative get down with telecommusication facetime jam with doctor jenny playing virtual music festivals decked out my avatar in chiptune habbo hotel i'm going all in, with telecommusication
i didn't think that we would meet again i guess i thought that we'd be distant friends but all the pieces fell together in the end
Made It 00:48
never thought that i'd be 35 its just a number but i survived it all if you can make it to 35 it isn't nothing you accomplished a lot to make it this far and if you made it this far you can make it twice as far and twice as far as that 140 songs for 140 year olds (what goal, can he do it?) i'll think i'll stick to 35, thanks


A long time ago, I was enjoying doing an album-a-day project where I recorded X amount of songs for the previous year around my birthday. I did 21, 22, and 23 Songs for 23 Year Olds. 21 was made in a day, 22 was made in 2 hours, and 24 broke the tradition and was recorded over a week or so. It has been a while, and I'm bringing it back. I missed 319 songs in the albums that could have been, but I'm picking it back up with 35.

You can subject yourself to old albums here if you so desire:


** 01/14/22 **
My goal is to completely write and record 35 songs by the end of the long weekend. Lets see how far I get.

The songs are being uploaded as they are recorded. The versions that go up might not be the final mixes, as I'll probably go back and clean things up later, but they are here to listen to as a way to track progress throughout the weekend

** END OF WEEKEND UPDATE: 1/17/22 **
okay so I still have some songs to do this week. I spent more time than expected on each track. Hoping to finish this up this week. I like how it has gone so far. Stay tuned.

** Update to the Update 1/30/22 **
Okay so even short songs take a long time I guess, especially without the benefit of the long weekend. Just need to finish recording / producing 5 songs that are already half-done. It has been a fun time. Looking forward to working on longer songs. I feel like Brian Eno when he made the Windows 95 startup sound, but I guess that makes me 35 Brian Enos, which is exactly how many Brian Enos it takes to change a vacuum tube.

** Update to the Updated Update 2/7/22 **
All the songs have been recorded and posted! There are a few things left to do, like final album art, and making sure all the songs are somewhat polished mastering-wise, but it's done. The next update will be when it's 100% ready to distribute. Thanks for listening!


released January 15, 2022

Nich French - all the things
Joseph Joseph - complementary drums
Kelly Flynn - Probably will end up on a song or two


all rights reserved



Nich French Cleveland, Ohio

Nich French makes a kind of music.

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